The Meander

Start: Base Camp, Injisuthi
Finish: Base Camp, Injisuthi
Duration: 6 days
Distance: ±48 kms
Fitness:  Easy/Medium.

Our tip: This is an easy hike for the first-time berg hiker and strongly recommended if you have never hiked in the berg before and don’t have the highest level of fitness. It is also a hike filled with fun as there are pools and slides at nearly every overnight stop you have.

  • Day 1 after being transported to Monks cowl one will hike up the Sphinx and to your first night under canvas at Blind man’s corner.
  • Day 2 from Blind man’s corner you will hike along the contour path back towards Injisuthi and spend the night in Wonder valley cave.
  • Day 3 from Wonder valley cave one will continue along the contour path to the top of Van Haylingers pass and make one’s way to Grindstone cave for the evening don’t forget to stop in at base camp for some fresh supplies.
  • Day 4 from Grindstone cave follow the path away from the river and over the ridge into the next valley, follow the path and down in to the valley where you will come across the Marble Barth stream take some time to play in the river and on the slides but not too long as you still need have some distance to go before your next night stop in Centenary hut.
  • Day 5 from Centenary Hut make your way towards the base of the Trojan wall and along the path then descend into the Injisuthi valley where you will spend the night in lower Injisuthi cave.
  • Day 6 you will make your way along the path down the valley passing Battle cave follow the path until you reach the tar road that will take you back to camp.