The Greys

Start: Base Camp, Injisuthi
Finish: Base Camp, Injisuthi
Duration: 6 days
Distance: ±48 kms
Fitness: Medium, with some challenging gradient

Our tip: This hike is not an easy one but for those that have hiked in the burg before and feel up for a challenge this is the hike for you. Beware there is not a lot of water on the top of the burg in this area so make sure you carry enough water.

  • Day 1 from base camp one heads up Vanhaylingers pass to the contour path heading to Monks Cowl where you will spend the night under canvas at Blind Man’s Corner.
  • Day 2 From Blind Man’s Corner you will head towards your second night under canvas at Keith’s bush camp.
  • Day 3 from Keith’s bush camp you will Ascend up Grays pass towards you first Night in a cave at Nkosisana cave. This is a short distance but you will be climbing
  • Day 4 From Nkosisana cave you will make your way back to the fork on grays pass and continue up the pass to the Summit once summited you will hike along the escarpment passed old women valley and on to your third night under canvas at the top of Leslies pass
  • Day 5 From The campsite at the top of leslies pass you will hike down the pass and follow the Marble Barth’s stream to your last night’s stop in the marble baths caves enjoy some time on the slides and pools around this area.
  • Day 6 from marble baths make your way along the hiking path until you get to the fork continue along the path until you reach the tar road that will take you back to base camp.